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Company history


Swiss Steel Fire was established in 2011. The office was located in the Swiss Confederation of the canton of Schwyz, with production in Budapest, Hungary.
Subsequently, the company moved completely to Hungary, and now restructuring is underway, which involves the creation of a new direction of the company - steel production based on environmentally friendly induction units using our patented, energy-saving technology, which will significantly reduce the cost of the product. 

The founders of the company have dedicated more than a decade to find solutions to increase the quality and economic feasibility of metal production in compliance with high environmental standards. As a result, the technology of daisy-chain blow-down of metal melt (ShPR) was invented and tested in various conditions. Productions of devices and introducing them into the metallurgical industry were brought to perfection, as evidenced by the patent database, which you can find on the site.

Over the past 12 years, ShPR technology was introduced and passed examinations for various steel mills. The company made a decision - to use refractory materials Austrian company RATH.

ShPR technology has passed a multilevel qualification verification, both in Ukraine and in the world. An international search conducted by the PCT Patent Office recognized the invention as pioneering. In 2016 was obtained European patent and the Hungarian national patent. In general, technology owners have the opportunity to obtain a national patent in more than forty countries.


In 2013, the owners of the technology registered the trademark SHZ, under which all products are produced. 

Not least is the question of recycling and waste disposal. For this sector were established plants of dry and high-temperature oxidative pyrolysis, which are fundamentally different from currently existing confirming patent for an invention (Ukraine).

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Our partners and suppliers of raw materials


Suppliers of raw materials

As a result of many years of research, the company Swiss Steel Fire has decided to use as raw materials for the manufacture of products (on the technology of ShPR), refractory materials from RATH company.


Joint development and implementation

In 2012, our company together with a group of Kyiv businessmen developed and put into production an installation for solid waste disposal (Ukrainian patent for utility model №74537 and Ukrainian patent for invention №100960). We bring to your attention a video demonstrating the present invention.


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